Important information on the new COVID strain

Pres. Biden and Governors: Please order testing of stored blood samples in hospitals, blood donor centers, clinics and labs. We could end this lockdown in 72 hours if they would just allow testing stored sewage or sera from 2019 and earlier. If the virus was around then and no one noticed until a test was developed, it cannot be that serious.

Joe Rogan’s Interview with Dr. Robert Malone (supressed by Youtube and Google)

Military Documents About Gain of Function Contradict Fauci Testimony Under Oath

Vaccines have induced much higher rates of covid deaths in Israel, the most vaccinated country in the world.

Dr. Zelenko speaks to a Rabbinical court in Jerusalem

The Importance of Contextualizing Statistics: 40% of CO covid deaths are gunshot wounds!

Like all the statistics about C19, it is important to know the details - this one has N=5. But how many car accidents, heart attacks, flu deaths, etc. are marked as C19 deaths?



Sweden Information

Sweden vs. U.S.A COVID-19 deaths and development for patients in intensive care units with Covid-19 due to the coronavirus.


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