Now think about this carefully and logically. The "NEW STRAIN" NS C19 was recently detected in the UK. Everyone in the world said it must be from the UK and locked down southern England and then the UK. No one considered the possibility that it originated elsewhere and was already everywhere because of its known rapid transmission. No one bothered to think about whether the strain existed anywhere and at what date before they invented the new test for it. No one bothered to remember Farr's Law that the more contagious it was the less lethal it was. No one bothered to compute that if it has an R of 6 or higher it rocketed around the world and spread to all 8 billion in a matter of 2 weeks.

Since it is now known to be everywhere it was probably everywhere months or years ago. NS is a perfect control for PCR-detectable C19. It was everywhere and had no effect noticeable by HCWs because they couldn't test for it. AGAIN test stored sera and you will find it was everywhere probably for years. TEST AND YE SHALL FIND!!!!

This proves that the correlation between excess deaths on our CDC NIH charts are directly caused by media-induced, panicked HCWs and patients.

And it proves that the lockdowns are useless because they didn't stop this NS despite crushing the global economy, society and future generation.


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