Evidence is mounting that suggests COVID-19 was present on US soil as early as November

Stored samples of blood from September 2019 on can and should be tested with antibody assays that will indicate the presence of viral antibodies long before lockdowns were implemented. If antibodies are present then this is indisputable proof that COVID-19 was already rampant in the population in 2019.

COVID-19 is very similar to the SARS virus that caused the 2003 outbreak and other coronaviruses. Scientists have been working on vaccines and therapy for SARS since 2003 without success, so staying in lockdown until a Covid-19 vaccine is developed is not a feasible option.

Viral load tests (PCR) and serology tests (antibodies) are currently available, although both types of tests have false negatives and false positives.

Existing tests cannot tell you definitively whether you’ve been exposed to the C19 virus. New experimental T-cell tests find many asymptomatic people who do not test positive on antibody or viral tests. Such tests are not FDA-approved for general use.

No antibody test is FDA-approved for clinical diagnostic use.


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